YouTube Simple Gallery

YouTube Simple Gallery is a plugin you can create an area for YouTube videos quickly with management by short code.


  • Português (Default)
  • English
  • Français

Update 2.0

  • Add support for widget
  • New page for settings to plugin with AutoPlay true or false, size of video and differents sizes for thumbnails

New Updates 2.1

  • Add French language
  • Filter per category
  • Add thumbnail preview in list and inside the post.


Do you want help me translate this plugin for your language? Please, send me your file .po for my email

Installing the plugin

  • Upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins folder or install using the installer of WordPress plugins ;
  • Activate the plugin ;

How to use

  • After activating the plugin you’ll see a tab called “Videos” on it you can register your videos with only the video link , the plugin will accept three different URL formats.
  • He already automatically generates the thumbnail of the video, but if you want to customize the thumb just add the same as “Featured Image”.
  • When activating the plugin automatically a page called “Video Gallery” that it will be found within the “Pages” tab is already created.
  • In it will contain an equivalent to this shortcode :
     [ chr-youtube-gallery order="DESC" orderby="date" posts="6" category="all" ]
  • This shortcode is the default, but if you want to change is just delete it and clicking on the same icon youtube play that opens an editor .
  • In the poup-up you will add as much as the Ordinances ” Descending – Ascending ” or ” Date – Name – Random “


2 thoughts on “YouTube Simple Gallery

    1. CHR Designer Post author

      Your WP must need to be English… Because the default language is Brazilian Portuguese and has only English translate yet… but next version I will add French


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